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Christmas Reading List

We’re buzzing with excitement to unveil our first-ever arvy Xmas reading list! As we cozy up this festive season, let’s dive into a world of profound knowledge and captivating narratives.

First on our list is “Clash of Empires: Currencies and Power in a Multipolar World” by Charles Gave and Louis-Vincent Gave. Published in 2019, this book offers a riveting exploration into the ever-evolving dynamics of global finance. It challenges the US dollar’s supremacy, predicting the rise of new economic powers. A must-read for those intrigued by the complexities of international finance and economic strategies.

Next, we have Gautam Baid’s “The Joys of Compounding: The Passionate Pursuit of Lifelong Learning,” also published in 2019. This insightful piece delves into the art of investing, emphasizing the transformative power of compound interest. It transcends typical financial strategies, offering a philosophical perspective on wealth accumulation and lifelong learning.

Lastly, “Fourth Wing” by Rebecca Yarros, a 2023 publication, takes us on an extraordinary journey. This fantasy novel is set in a world where ancient prophecies and magical creatures intertwine with political intrigue. It’s a tale that promises to captivate your imagination, making it a perfect holiday read.

So, grab your favorite blanket, a warm drink, and settle in for a winter of enriching and entertaining reads.

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

Team arvy

Clash of Empires: Currencies and Power in a Multipolar World

by Charles Gave and Louis-Vincent Gave

“Unlock the essence of global economic dynamics with ‘Clash of Empires: Currencies and Power in a Multipolar World.’ This insightful read, published in 2019, delves deep into the shifting sands of international finance, challenging the longstanding dominance of the US dollar and foreshadowing the rise of BRICS in 2023.” – Patrick, Co-Founder

Gavekal: Clash of Empires

The book explores rising concerns over global growth and trade tensions in 2018, potentially fueled by growing opposition to the US dollar’s supremacy as the global reserve currency. It critically examines the dollar-standard’s reliance on global acceptance, which is now being questioned due to perceived US policy missteps and overreach.

A notable example illustrating the US dollar’s far-reaching influence is the case of French banking giant BNP Paribas. The bank faced a significant legal challenge not because of violating French law—there was no French legislation against dealing with Sudan—but because the transactions were conducted in US dollars. This key detail brought the transactions under US jurisdiction and led to BNP Paribas pleading guilty to criminal charges. In a landmark decision, the bank accepted a record $8.9 billion settlement with US authorities for breaching US sanctions between 2002-2012. This case highlights the extensive power exerted by the US through its control of the dollar in international finance.

Reflecting on moments like the 1971 European governments’ complaints about US monetary policies, ‘Clash of Empires’ presents a scenario where the US dollar, once dominant, faces a potential decline, reminiscent of the British pound’s fall in the inter-war years.

The book predicts the rise of an Asian monetary zone, led by the Chinese renminbi, challenging the US dollar’s position. This shift is poised to alter the risk-reward profile of assets across Asia, in a way similar to the deutschmark’s rise signifying Europe’s economic resurgence in the 70s and 80s.

Patrick Rissi

Patrick’s takeaway: ‘Clash of Empires’ is not just about currency dynamics; it’s a guide to the evolving landscape of global finance, where established powers are challenged, and new ones arise, reshaping our world’s economic fabric. Gavekal’s ability to explain complex information in an engaging, accessible manner makes this book a crucial resource for understanding the dynamics of the changing global economic order.

The Joys of Compounding: The Passionate Pursuit of Lifelong Learning

by Gautam Baid

“Much like a skilled navigator charting a course through turbulent seas, Baid guides readers through the complex world of finance with clarity and foresight.” – Thierry, Co-Founder

‘The Joys of Compounding’ offers a deep exploration into the principles of investing. Baid, drawing from his rich experience, highlights the transformative power of compound interest and the profound impact of making astute, long-term investment decisions. However, the book transcends the boundaries of mere financial strategies; it delves into the mindset and philosophical framework necessary for sustained success in the investment realm.

Baid emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, personal growth, and the cultivation of patience, discipline, and resilience. These traits are vital for navigating the volatile and often unpredictable financial markets. He advocates for a long-term perspective in investing, stressing that the journey to wealth accumulation is not just about smart choices but also about the passage of time and the magic of compounding.

A central theme of the book is the significance of starting early in your investment journey and maintaining a steadfast commitment to your goals. Baid elucidates how the power of compounding can be harnessed effectively, illustrating that building wealth is not merely about the investment decisions one makes but also about allowing time to amplify those choices.

Thierry Borgeat

Thierry’s takeaway: ‘The Joys of Compounding’ is an essential guide for anyone aspiring to navigate the world of finance with wisdom and strategy. Gautam Baid’s eloquent presentation of complex investment concepts makes this book an invaluable resource for investors at all levels. It empowers readers to build a solid foundation for financial independence and success, emphasizing the transformative power of knowledge, discipline, and time in the realm of investing.”

English Version

Fourth Wing

by Rebecca Yarros

“Yarros, known for her compelling storytelling, weaves a tale that delves deep into the heart of its characters, portraying their struggles and triumphs with authenticity and sensitivity.” Florian, Co-Founder

Fourth Wing

The fourth wing is a fantasy novel that delves into a realm where ancient prophecies, magical creatures, and political intrigue collide. Our main character embarks on a journey filled with challenges, uncovering the secrets of a mythical fourth wing that holds the key to saving—or altering—their world. It’s a tale of adventure, magic, and self-discovery set against the backdrop of a richly imagined fantasy universe.

The pacing remains impeccable, ensuring a thrilling ride from start to finish. With the second novel already available, it’s the perfect binge-worthy series for your Xmas reading list—no distressing wait required!

Florian Jauch

Florian’s takeaway: It’s no surprise that the first and second books of the five book series are reigning supreme on the bestseller lists—they’ve got the perfect mix of enchanting storytelling, compelling characters, and plot twists that keep readers on the edge of their seats. The fact that both books are dominating the charts is a testament to the author’s masterful storytelling and the readers’ insatiable appetite for the captivating world they’ve crafted. It’s a literary phenomenon that’s not to be missed!

German Version

English Version

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