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Our philosophy is straightforward: long-term success requires diverging from the usual market path. This approach not only aims to outperform the market but also offers the added perk of being tax-advantaged.


What is pillar 3a?

3 Pillars of Swiss Pension System

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A Hybrid Investment Approach

We believe that investing is more art than science. It requires a certain amount of creativity, intuition and experienced judgment, in addition to certain basic principles and techniques. You need a human touch.

  • A strong focus on risk-adjusted returns delivered over decades
  • Hybrid Investment Approach. Combining Fundamentals and Technicals (Good Story and Good Chart)
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What is Pillar 3a in the Swiss Pension System?

Pillar 3a refers to the voluntary private pension system in Switzerland, designed as a part of the country’s comprehensive three-pillar pension structure. This pillar allows individuals to save for retirement through tax-advantaged pension accounts. Contributions to Pillar 3a accounts are tax-deductible up to a certain limit and the capital grows tax-free. Withdrawals from these accounts are taxed at a reduced rate. Pillar 3a is an important component for individuals looking to supplement their mandatory state (Pillar 1) and occupational (Pillar 2) pensions, providing an opportunity to increase financial security in retirement. It is especially beneficial for those who seek to maximize their retirement savings and take advantage of the tax benefits offered by the Swiss pension system.

What is the maximum amount I can contribute to Pillar 3a annually?

The maximum contribution limit to Pillar 3a accounts is periodically adjusted. For employed individuals with a pension fund, the limit is generally lower than for self-employed individuals without a pension fund. For 2024 its CHF 7’056 with a pension plan and CHF 35’280 for self-employed.

Can I withdraw my Pillar 3a funds before retirement?

Early withdrawal of Pillar 3a funds is permitted under certain conditions, such as emigration, starting a business, purchasing residential property, or if you become permanently disabled. However, this early withdrawal is subject to taxation.

How does Pillar 3a affect my taxes?

Contributions to Pillar 3a can be deducted from your taxable income, reducing your annual tax liability. The capital in the account grows tax-free. However, when you withdraw the funds (usually at retirement), they are subject to a separate, reduced tax rate.

How Does It Work?

In collaboration with our partner Liberty Vorsorge, we’ve developed a streamlined framework that enables active investment through ‘Arvy Equity’ for equity allocation and ‘Flossbach Bond Opportunities’ for bond allocation. The unique aspect of our approach is that your investment is tailored based on your individual risk profile, leading to a personalized blend of these two components.
Here’s the simple process:
Opening Your Account: You’ll begin by setting up a Pillar 3a account with Liberty, which can be conveniently done online in just about 10 minutes.
Transferring or Contributing Funds: Once your account is active, you have the flexibility to either transfer your existing Pillar 3a contributions or make new deposits.
Investment According to Your Profile: Based on the risk profile you select, your contributions will then be strategically invested across ‘Arvy Equity’ and ‘Flossbach Bond Opportunities’.
The whole process is designed to be straightforward and efficient – it’s investing made simple. With just a few steps, you can start aligning your retirement savings with your personal investment goals.


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