Savings Plan

Save Today to Craft the Dreams of Tomorrow

The path to your dreams starts with the simple act of saving today. At arvy we have designed a simple savingsplan that helps you getting there, free from any hassle.

Savings Plan

CHF 100.- a month can make the difference

Savings Plan

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We believe that investing is more art than science. It requires a certain amount of creativity, intuition and experienced judgment, in addition to certain basic principles and techniques. You need a human touch.

  • We aim to hold the most exceptional business models worldwide
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What is an automated savings plan?

An automated savings plan is a financial tool that allows you to automatically transfer a predetermined amount of money from your checking account to your investment account at regular intervals. This process is set up once and then operates automatically, simplifying the act of investing.

How does the arvy savings plan work?

To set up an automatic savings plan, you must first open an account with Hypthekarbank Lenzburg and determine your risk appetite. This process usually takes no more than 10 minutes and can be done from the comfort of your sofa at home. You can then deposit the starting amount and choose the amount you want to invest each month. Now all you have to do is set up a standing order with your bank. Once set up, the transfers are made automatically and we take care of the rest.

How secure is the arvy savings plan?

Our savings plan is very secure. Your account is with a Swiss bank and in your name. Deposits up to CHF 100,000 in cash are protected. Your investments are also held in your name and always remain your property, regardless of the future of arvy. arvy is merely your asset manager

Are there fees associated with an automated savings plan?

We recommend using your checking account to avoid any unnecessary fees. Typically, a domestic transfer should be free or not cost more than a few rappen but if you are unsure its best to check with your bank.

Can I cancel my automated savings plan?

Yes, you can usually cancel your automated savings plan at any time. This can typically be done through cancelling the standing order at your bank via e-banking.

How does an automated savings plan help me save more money?

An automated savings plan helps you save money by making the process consistent and effortless. By automatically transferring funds to savings or investment accounts, it encourages a “pay yourself first” approach, reducing the temptation to spend what you might otherwise save.


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