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With our “Good Story & Good Chart” approach, we select the 30 best companies worldwide.

With our “Good Story & Good Chart” approach, we select the 30 best companies worldwide.

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A Hybrid Investment Approach

We believe that investing is more art than science. It requires a certain amount of creativity, intuition and experienced judgment, in addition to certain basic principles and techniques. You need a human touch.

  • A strong focus on risk-adjusted returns delivered over decades
  • Hybrid Investment Approach. Combining Fundamentals and Technicals (Good Story and Good Chart)
Good Story Good Chart



We believe in investing in high-quality companies because they offer potential for robust long-term performance. Their strong business models, solid financials, and skilled management often result in resilience and competitive edge, aligning with our goal of consistent, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

  • Quality business model
  • Sustainable top and bottom-line growth
  • Strong FCF generation, reasonable FCF valuation
  • Low debt levels
  • Structural tailwinds
Good Story



We believe that the market is the best informed analyst. No story is worth pursuing, no matter how attractive it looks, if the market does not honor the investment case. That’s why we align our fundamentals (Good Story) with the technicals (Good Chart).

  • Strong price development
  • Price linearity
  • Accumulation and relative strength
  • New highs
Good Chart


Why arvy?

arvy team
arvy team


What is the minimum investment?

The initial investment is at least 1 unit, which equals to 10 CHF/USD/EUR.

Through which banks can I subscribe the fund?

The fund can be subscribed via all Swiss banks. A securities account is required for this. If you wish to subscribe via Swissquote, please note that you will need to log in to find our fund with the Valor/ISIN.

Are my investments safe?

Under Swiss law, your investments in the arvy equity fund are classified as special assets (Sondervermögen), meaning the fund itself is legally distinct and protected. In the event of bankruptcy of arvy or your custody bank, these assets would remain secure and separate from the bankruptcy estate, ensuring their continued safety and release to you.

What is the investment strategy of arvy equity?

Our arvy equity strategy uniquely focuses on quality large and mega-cap investments, combining active management with a blend of fundamental and technical analysis. Our “Good Story & Good Chart” approach is underpinned by a decade-developed proprietary screening model. With a trader’s mindset, we make tactical adjustments to navigate market dynamics effectively. This strategy ensures a balance of long-term stability with the agility to respond to evolving market opportunities.

How does arvy incorporate sustainability?

At arvy, we recognize that sustainability in investing extends beyond environmental factors. In our arvy equity strategy, we emphasize sound corporate governance and strong social principles. We select companies that demonstrate exceptional corporate governance and a solid track record in these areas. Our approach is based on the belief that companies run with integrity and responsibility are more likely to perform well than unstable management teams and turnaround stories. This comprehensive view of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is an integral part of our investment philosophy and reflects our commitment to creating value that goes beyond financial returns and promotes a sustainable future.

Can you subscribe to the fund through discount brokers (Interactive Brokers, Swissquote, etc).?

Discount brokers work with low fee models and therefore only offer a limited universe. Unfortunately, in most cases it is not possible to subscribe via discount brokers such as Interactive, Commdirect, Charles Schwab, etc. Subscriptions are possible with Swissquote, but you need to log in to be able to view our fund


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